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We love pictures and resumes, but in addition, today's
actor must have video to compete, so include a link
to your LA Casting, Actors Access, YouTube, etc.
We will not download attachments or join websites
to view pictures or videos. Neither will Casting.
We only accept online video auditions.
(please email resumes in PDF format, photos as JPG - we no longer
accept hard copy, a green trend in Hollywood. No phone calls, please.)

Your video should include the skills you wish
us to consider for representation, such as
Commercial or Theatrical acting, Singing, Dancing,
Stunts, etc. Home video is fine - 2 minutes is
plenty. Always slate your contact info and lead with
your best, or we won't get past the first 15 seconds.

If you don't have video, you are not ready for our
Agency and should take more classes and study.
Our job is to get you auditions, not teach you the business.

Videos help Casting Directors decide whether or
not to pick you for one of the few audition spots
from the thousands of submissions they receive for
each role. We select our Performers the same way.
Actors with good demos get exponentially
more auditions than those without.

If your demo shows talent and promise,
we will offer "test run" representation for a few
months to see how well we fit together as a team.
We both get a chance to "kick the tires", so to speak,
with virtually no risk and a huge potential upside.

So if you're a trained, experienced, talented,
motivated self-starter who wants to join
an aggressive team, please submit right away.

We are happy to work through Managers and prefer
them for minors and newbies or those with busy careers.
Sadly, minors often make 50% or less of the adult
rate, but have 90% of the questions. Managers are
better equipped to answer your questions and let us do
our job which is to get auditions for our current talent.

Minors can submit 1-2 minute home videos -
monologues, faux commercials, sing, dance, etc.
Younger kids can talk about a favorite toy, food,
cartoon etc. Show toddlers being animated, cute, funny,
showing off, etc. We need to see their personality and
cuteness, so remove hats, sunglasses, clothing with logos.

SCAM NOTE: Beware of Agencies who charge upfront fees, require you use specific photographers, training, etc.
We only make money after you do, which is why Act One Talent selects only the very best, motivated talent.

mailing address:
Act One Talent Agency
23890 Copper Hill Dr #236
Los Angeles, CA 91354
please add 'Submission' in the Subject line

no phone calls please.

email any questions to the above address
hard copy submissions by request only and will not be returned